Today on the For Her Empire Podcast, we have a conversation with Chelsie Tamms on all things branding. Getting it right with your brand identity plays a huge role in the success of your business.

Consider a famous brand. What is your first thought? A pop of color, a slogan, a jingle, or a logo? A business's branding includes everything you can see, touch, hear, and taste. 

Customers perceive a company through its branding, so establishing a clear brand identity is critical to a company's success and sustainability. Branding is the process of associating a particular company with a specific message and image. 

Chelsie Tamms is an artist and strategist which is a rare combination, but one that serves Lettering Works well. She is an award-winning lettering artist and designer based out of Chicago. With over 10 years of practice in lettering and design, Chelsie is passionate about craft and intention. She believes in letting your brand work as hard as you do.

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