In today's episode of For Her Empire Podcast, we sit with Katie Swanson to discuss how to create a financial forecast and why we need it. Listen in and gain everything you need on hand, and the steps you can take, to produce a reliable financial forecast.

Maybe you want to rule the entire planet. Maybe what you want is a long-term side hustle. Financial forecasting, in any case, helps you understand the steps you'll need to take—and the numbers you'll need to hit—to help your company develop. Plus, if you ever need more funding, you'll need financial predictions to show that your company is on the right track.

Katie Swanson, CPA, CVA is the founder of Change Collaborative. She believes that start-ups and small business owners should have access to the data they need to fuel growth and make future plans that optimize their company's value upon departure. Her CPA firm acts as a fractional CFO for company owners, guiding them through the changes ahead.

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